Texans on Mission volunteers are bringing relief to the people of Conroe.

“It’s given me quite a bit of hope that I’ll actually be able to conquer the tasks that are ahead of me,” said Conroe resident Peter Baliukonis. “What I need to learn from it is yet to be known. Between me and God we’ll figure it out.”

The effort to provide relief is ongoing with three Texans on Mission recovery teams from Marble Falls, Katy and Collin County,.

Gary Smith, incident commander for the flood recovery effort in Conroe, said most people are trying to salvage what they can from their homes now that the water has receded.

Despite the major impact of the flood on Conroe residents, the Lord is faithful and at work through the hands of Texans on Mission volunteers among other efforts in the area.

“We do it because Jesus asks us to be the hands and feet on the ground to take care of the needs of his people,” Gary said. “And we’re all his people.”

Please continue to pray for our volunteers and the people impacted.