Residents in Tennessee, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Michigan, and others are all beginning their slow process of recovering from extensive flooding.

TBM has already deployed to some of the flooded areas with Mud-Out and Feeding teams to begin helping people dig out their homes. We are currently waiting for waters to recede in some of the more recently hit areas of the Midwest for assessment teams to enter ahead of additional Mud-Out and Feeding teams.

These flooding incidents are kicking off what experts are calling a particularly bad year for destructive flooding here in the US. They’ve even created a list of 25 states (including Texas) that are in particular risk of massive flooding destruction. Scientists at the National Weather Service are stating that what we’ve seen in the Midwest already is a precursor to the amount of flooding to come this year.

The damaging flooding isn’t contained to the United States. We are currently in conversation with international response groups concerning flood recovery in Mozambique after Cyclone Idai left numerous dead and mass destruction to homes and livelihoods.

What this means is that Disaster Relief needs to be prepared to act here and abroad. We always stand ready to go help people in times of need and offer Hope that comes from Christ. These actions take people and money to accomplish. We need your help to meet these needs and carry this message.

To help people now and as floods continue this year, please consider two things:

  1. Donate at
  2. Become a Mud-Out or Feeding Unit trained TBM Volunteer.