Join a great group of young men who serve at summer camps and in other mission opportunities. By being a TBM State Staffer, you learn how to be on-mission and lead others towards following Christ

Become a State Staffer and join God in a great adventure.



State Staffers are a group of on-mission young men who integrate the Gospel into their service at mission camps across Texas, so that campers may:

  • learn about the saving knowledge through Jesus Christ our Lord
  • and discover their calling in God's mission on earth

ON MISSION: for Christ, across Texas, and around the World

Who can be a staffer?

State Staffers are a selected group of High School age young men. Each young man should have a good background in Royal Ambassadors and Challengers work and/or are willing to be trained. 

The young man agrees to set aside a certain period of time for voluntary mission work and mission promotion. State Staffers assist in Royal Ambassadors/Challengers summer camps, TBM mission projects, TBM mission education activities, and promote mission participation and mission education.

What kinds of things will I get to do?

After qualifying at Leadership Training Camp, you will receive your assignments and teams for the Summer!

You will be assigned to camps based on need and your availability. At these camps you may be leading or helping with:

  • Campfire Skits & Dramas
  • Archery
  • Riflery
  • Flag Raising
  • Campcraft (Camping Skills)
  • Bible Study
  • and more!

Do I get to travel?

There is a chance that you get to travel for much of the summer!

There are camps across Texas, and you will not be travelling alone. You will have a team with which you travel and get to know. They will be shepherded by a trained TBM: RA Shepherd. For more information about travel, ask our office!


What happens after Summer?

There may be a service opportunity in your area that you can help with. These are not mandatory, but they are highly recommended to meet mentors and other churches nearby. You are also encouraged to work with your local church in their missions programs!

And mark your calendar! The 2nd weekend of November each year is our state event. It is called Campout & Missions Mania. We invite all staffers who served during the summer to return and assist with this opportunity for churches and families.


There is required attendance at these state TBM events: Leadership Training Camp (first of June) and the Campout & Missions Mania event (2nd weekend of November)*.

* contact office if there's a conflict for Mania, like UIL All-Region Competitions


  1. Be a follower of Jesus Christ and have a desire to be involved in missions.
  2. A young man who is involved in the Challengers program, or youth ministry, and is at least age 14 by September 1st of the previous year.
    • Associational Staffers must have completed the 7th grade and receive the same recommendations.
  3. Be approved by the Regional Challengers Director and State RA/Challengers Director.
  4. Be in attendance for the full term of the Leadership Training Camp unless granted permission to serve in another location.
  5. Be willing to adjust their lifestyle to one that is acceptable to the staff leadership and the people whom they serve.
  6. Be available for service for the entire summer. We will work around church mission trips and family vacations.
  7. Serve at the Campout & Missions Mania event (November).*
  8. Use of any illegal substances is strictly forbidden (including tobacco, in any form, or alcoholic drink).

* Contact the state office if there is a conflict

Application and Selection Process

  1. Complete the online State Staffer Application below by May 15.
  2. Gather References
  3. Potential State Staffers will be evaluated during the Leadership Training Camp and final selection will be made that week by the State Staff Selection Committee.

For more information and to receive an application packet to become a Regional State Staffer, contact Savion Lee at

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