On Aug. 11 (or any Sunday), churches like yours across the state will celebrate all God is doing through its members who deliver help, hope and healing as a volunteer through Texans on Mission (historically known as TBM or Texas Baptist Men).

An unending stream of Texans on Mission volunteers have served sacrificially around the world after every natural disaster in Texas since then and after many disasters worldwide. As Texans on mission with Christ, our volunteers have provided tens of thousands of people clean drinking water in the midst of some of the most difficult situations. An untold multitude of young men have been discipled through our programs and joined God in His redemptive work.

We would love the opportunity to talk with your church or small group on Texans on Mission Day, or any other day, about our collective amazing work and ministry. Several of our staff are licensed and ordained ministers, as well as just good pastors, speakers and presenters. 

How can your church celebrate Texans on Mission Day?

  • Talk about the importance of evangelism through meeting needs in time of crises.
  • Have a local Texans on Mission trailer at your church.
  • Talk about your involvement as a volunteer with Texans on Mission.
  • Encourage others to volunteer and support Texans on Mission’s ministry.
  • Plan a special Sunday for Texans on Mission Day and disaster relief.
  • Have a Texans on Mission staff member or volunteer speak at your church or small group.
  • Encourage Texans on Mission volunteers to wear their TXM shirts on Texans on Mission Day.

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Videos to help you celebrate

Celebrate TBM Day with a short video during your worship service or smaller gathering. Here are two versions: One shorter (1:52 above), one longer (3:45 below).

Other resources to help you celebrate