The Russian invasion of Ukraine has created the largest movement of people in Europe since World War II. More than 1.5 million Ukrainians are seeking safety in Poland alone.

In Western Ukraine and Poland, TBM ministry partners are meetings needs as women and children seek refuge. With TBM volunteers serving in Poland and more to come, TBM already has committed more than $1 million to minister to Ukrainians in these difficult days through church-based shelters and distribution of goods.


  • TBM-supported shelters have ministered to more than 50,000 Ukrainians.
  • TBM volunteers have helped distribute more than 300 tons of supplies throughout Ukraine and Poland to meet needs.
  • TBM has sent 100,000 meals into Ukraine where food is scarce.

You can deliver help, hope and healing in the midst of this crisis. Our trusted ministry partners in Poland and Ukraine are seeking prayer and assistance. Here's how you can make a difference:



By giving financially, you are making it possible for TBM and its in-country partners to provide:


  • Church-based shelters in more than five locations in Ukraine and Poland. Five of those shelters are in Lviv, Ukraine and Chelm, Warsaw, Zelow, and Bialystok in Poland. For security reasons, TBM is not publishing the locations of the other shelters.
  • Food for families
  • Water for Ukrainians fleeing the conflict
  • Clothing for those who left their homes quickly with little

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To give specifically to Ukraine relief efforts, select International Relief for the campaign.

Please pray for Ukraine. This situation is serious and has many ramifications around the world. Pray for those who are being impacted by the conflict as well as those who are caught in the middle of it. Pray for a movement of God throughout the region.


Today, you transform a life in the middle this conflict.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are the efforts TBM is supporting?

TBM is making it possible for churches in more than four locations to serve as shelter for Ukrainians impacted by the war. Four of those locations are Chelm, Bialystok and Zelow in Poland, and Lviv, Ukraine. For security purposes, TBM is not releasing the other locations at this time.

A TBM feeding team feeding team is providing meals to displaced Ukrainians in Israel through an on-going partnership with Israelis.

Which campaign do I give to?

To specifically support Ukraine relief, select International Relief. When you do so, your donation will support crucial ministry to people impacted by the war. No administrative fees are taken out of your donation to this fund.

Is TBM confident it can get resources to the people who need it?

Yes. TBM has a trusted network of partners in Poland and Ukraine. In many ways, Poland is functioning as it normally does and the flow of resources and accountability is smooth. In Ukraine, the flow of resources is more difficult but possible through trusted, established sources who are carrying out ministry. TBM staff is in the country ensuring funds get to where they need to go to accomplish ministry.

I've heard they need Bibles in Ukraine. Is this true?

TBM and its ministry partners are making sure each of our shelters and ministry sites are well stocked with Bibles and other material in addition to food, water, clothing and other supplies.