When all paths are blocked and the days are darkest, you make the way for hope to shine through Texans on Mission ministries 

By becoming a monthly giver, you become a Way Maker who makes sure Texans on Mission volunteer teams have what they need to meet needs immediately after disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and more.


Thanks to your regular prayer and financial support, Texans on Mission volunteers can quickly:

  • Provide tens of thousands or more hot nutritious meals after a storm.
  • Cut and remove fallen trees and limbs on homes after tornadoes.
  • Wash, dry and fold hundreds of loads of laundry for those who cannot do their own after a disaster.
  • Share God's love by encouraging and praying with storm survivors.
  • Drill a water well around the world to provide clean water in a region that desperately needs it.

$25/month transforms a life

  • Put a Texans on Mission volunteer on the field for a day each month to share God's love.

$57/month transforms families

  • In celebration of Texan on Mission's 57th anniversary, put several Texans on Mission volunteers on the field each month to meet needs.

$100/month transforms communities

  • Deploy multiple teams throughout the year to meet extensive needs. You make the deployment of one team possible in a major disaster.

$200/month transforms regions

  • At this level, you are putting a Texans on Mission Disaster Relief team on the field for a year or provide clean water for a region.

Become a way maker today