Outdoors is an ideal environment to become aware of the Creator and all that has been created. Camping provides a unique opportunity for men to learn and share about their relationship with Christ and is a vital tool for reaching and equipping people to be on mission with God. Campcraft training opportunities occur during the spring and fall and during the Leadership Training Camp each June.

Visit the events calendar for exact dates and to schedule a Campcraft training course, email Savion Lee at savion.lee@tbmtx.org.

Frontiersman Level: This introduction into the adult campcraft program focuses on basic camp skills and prepares adults to teach all RA Campcraft levels and the Challengers Pathfinder level.

Outdoorsman Level: This intermediate campcraft level teaches intermediate camping skills and prepares adults to teach the Challengers Adventurer and Backpacker levels.

Voyager Level: This level focuses on advanced campcraft skills necessary for extended campouts that prepares adults to teach the Challengers Trip Camper and Primitive Camper levels.

Trip Leader Level: Teaches the skills necessary to lead others safely into extended wilderness trip camping experiences.

Instructor Level: These levels are designed to prepare adults to teach the various levels of the Adult Campcraft program.