You want to change the world. You want the same for your family and your church. Just as Christ commanded.

One aspect of the faith journey involves learning – building a knowledge base to help us know what Scripture says is needed for a faithful life. Practical knowledge. Knowledge that helps us live day-to-day in our time and our place.

TBM Interactive provides undated learning resources that can be mixed and matched with any other materials your church or organization uses.

Christ called His disciples to make disciples. We actively engage with God as we also share the Gospel with others.

Through the following easy-to-use resources, you can encounter God in new ways that transform you, your family and even your youth group to be on mission with God.


Prayer is the ongoing conversation between God's followers and God Himself. In many ways, it's that connection with God the guides and empowers you to follow His will. These simple free prayer guides help you connect with Him.


Every family fights. That's human nature. It's what we're fighting for that's most important.

Together, we're creating a movement of families who are fighting for each other, fighting to make a difference in the world around them and fighting to honor God each day in their relationships and their actions. 


God can use your youth group to transform your community and even the world. The future begins now in terms of developing tomorrow's leaders.

Disciple Now/Camp Guides