Escape room games are fun and challenging. They require a team of players to use puzzles and clues to escape.

Why not use a game to help students (and adults) experience what it would be like to escape from a lifeless faith and move into a faith built on calling, mission and purpose?

That’s what Escape Room Mission Experience is helping people do in churches across Texas and beyond. It’s an escape room with “Rebuild the Church” as its theme.

The experience takes no longer than 55 minutes, but most groups finish in 45-50 minutes. The goal is to discover four words that reveal hidden codes to progress players through the experience.

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At the end of the escape experience, a facilitator leads participants through the “Blueprints for LIFE” Bible study. This takes 10-15 minutes. The study explains why the four words in the escape experience were chosen. It also can lead to a gospel presentation of the facilitator's choice. Each participant will receive one copy of the “Blueprints for LIFE” pamphlet.



Texans on Mission will provide your group with all of the materials needed to host the experience. After the event, you will follow the "Reset Bag Instructions" before packing bags into the shipping box. Please be sure ALL ITEMS are in their original bag. Repack shipping box and attach included shipping label to return equipment.


Churches and organizations that sign up for the Escape Room Mission Experience will receive suggestions and graphic elements to get the word out.

Promote! Promote! Promote!
Use the promotional material to invite participants to your event.

Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!
After receiving the equipment from Texans on Mission, and BEFORE the event date, gather as many of your leaders as possible and go through the experience together. Watch the "Self-Guided Countdown Video" and complete the experience taking as much time as you need to really figure out each puzzle and challenge. This will ensure you are prepared to help your groups as they participate in the experience later.



You will need to have one table, one Texans on Mission Escape Room kit and one Bible for each group of 6-10 participants. Have groups spaced far enough around the room to allow conversations to be heard. Also, confirm video/audio needs at the venue to display the countdown/clue video.


The following is a typical schedule for using the Escape Room Mission Experience effectively:

6:00 p.m. Welcome and announcements
6:05 p.m. Start “Self-Guided Countdown” video
Video Breakdown (56:45 long)
0:00-2:24 Kit Explanation
2:25-5:19 Texans on Mission Intro video and “Deployment Alert”
Code to open bag

This code is given at minute marker 5:20. At this point, every group should be given a bag and the timer will begin.

0:00-2:24 Kit Explanation
2:25-5:19 Texans on Mission Intro video and “Deployment Alert”
51-Minute Countdown Begins
17:44 First Clue
27:43 Second Clue
37:44 Third Clue
46:44 Final Clue
7:07 p.m. Start Devotional (15 minutes)
Pass out copies of the "Blueprints for LIFE" booklets and teach from the Bible Study Leader's Guide.
7:30 p.m Pray to dismiss

For more information, contact TBM Interactive at amy.nagel@texansonmission.org.

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