Lift the spirits of someone living through their most difficult days after a disaster

When disaster strikes, people don't know what to do or where to turn. Quickly, they become hopeless. Texans on Mission Disaster Relief volunteers come alongside people in these dark days and offer help, hope and healing.

In the cases of floods, hurricanes and tornados, Texans on Mission volunteers provide boxes and packing paper and help families sort through their belongings for what might be salvagable. 

Our packing paper contains handwritten and hand-drawn prayers, encouragement and inspiration from people like you. These Messages of Hope are a tangible way for people of all ages to minister in the aftermath of disasters. The words and images you put on a piece of paper may be the very ones that make someone smile for the first time since they lost everything. God has used these Messages of Hope in mighty ways.

How do you create Messages of Hope?

In order for your group to create Messages of Hope, you need four things: large paper, something to write with, some creativity and prayer. Plan a day and get everyone together for the project. Texans on Mission volunteers distribute roughly 10,000 Messages of Hope each year, so create as many as you'd like. Then send them to Texans on Mission at 5351 Catron Drive, Dallas, Texas 75227. 

Or you can skip the mailing by creating them at Texans on Mission headquarters. We have all the supplies you need. Just reserve a date and enjoy the time together. Texans on Mission leaders will even give you a tour of the facilities if you'd like.


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