In a world of hurting people, every Christ follower is called to be on mission with God each day. 

In an hour, a day or few days, you can have a tangible impact by using your gifts and talents for God's purpose. Every person has a role in God's kingdom, and Texans on Mission wants to help you find it today. As a Texans on Mission volunteer, you can deliver help, hope and healing to people who desperately need it.

Serve after disasters

By volunteering for a day, you are directly delivering help, hope and healing to people after disasters. Whether you're clearing debris, cleaning out a house or praying with a homeowner, you will transform a life. Click here to learn more.


Provide First Step Kits for people in crisis

Every journey out of dark days starts with a first step. By putting together First Step Kits – hygiene kits for people in crisis – you can meet basic needs for people who don't know where to turn for help or hope. When Texans on Mission volunteers distribute First Step Kits, they provide a place for both. Click here to learn more.

Send Messages of Hope to people who have been through disasters

When a disaster strikes, people don't know where to turn for help. They don't know who to trust. When a Texans on Mission volunteer connects with them for the first time with a Message of Hope crafted by you, hope sprouts fresh. Find out how you can radically change a life with a simple piece of paper. Click here to learn more.

Learn about and engage in God's mission around the world through a Texans on Mission Interactive

Perfect for people of all ages, the Escape Room-style event teaches students about God's work around the globe and how they can be involved in it as they work through puzzles and clues. Click here to learn more.


Donate supplies for people to use after disasters.

When a disaster strikes, people have often lost everything, including items they'd typically have to begin cleaning up. You can jump start the recovery process for someone by providing these items through Texans on Mission Disaster Relief. Click here to learn more.

Read news and stories about Service Projects

Amarillo volunteers return to Fritch to build playground

Texans on Mission (TBM) volunteers from Paramount Baptist Church in Amarillo returned to Fritch in recent days to complete a project they learned about during the disaster relief deployment caused by wildfires. They built a playground for First Southern Baptist Church in Fritch for which individual Texans on Mission volunteers had given the needed funds.

"Anytime we’re on deployment all of our hearts go out to the church in the community," said David Wells, director of TXM Disaster Relief. "On this particular deployment the volunteers' hearts went out to the church that was hosting them," First Baptist Fritch.

"They took up an offering and raised close to $15,000 for the church to purchase the playground equipment," Wells said. "Texans on Mission then helped get the equipment on the site."

The project had special significance for volunteer Van Graves, from nearby Amarillo. His wife, Judy Rose Graves, said: "Before he was diagnosed with Parkinson's he and I could go out with the Paramount Baptist group from Amarillo," but that was no longer possible.

With the closeness of Fritch to Amarillo, Van Graves got to help the group from his church, Paramount, on this project and fellowship with them. “It meant so very much to him and to me,” Judy Graves said. “He was excited to go and be with them again. It was very good for him."

Wells said of all the disaster relief volunteers who paid for the playground equipment and the Paramount group, "It’s amazing to see the hearts of our volunteers."

Van Graves (white shirt) works with other Texans on Mission volunteers from Paramount Baptist Church in Amarillo as they build a playground for First Southern Baptist Church of Fritch. (Photos by Judy Rose Graves)