Nearly 50 years ago, Randy and Patsy Lloyd witnessed TBM Disaster Relief volunteers at work for the first time. The young newlyweds looked at one another and confidently said, “That’s it. That’s how we want to spend our retirements.”

In 2020, the duo took their first steps to becoming TBM volunteers. Since then, they have served on seven Church Builders projects and look forward to many more together.

As a retired repairman of 41 years, Randy’s amazed at how quickly the Church Builders team can complete projects, sometimes finishing over a week ahead of schedule. He attributes the impressive efficiency to the team’s common goals and belief in the power of prayer.

“One end goal we have is that we’re trying to give back and work for the Lord,” he said. “Having a common goal solves a lot of issues.”

Time and time again he’s also seen prayer play a significant role in the ministry. On a recent trip to Utah, Randy shared, the team was at a standstill with no one to pour the concrete. Within two hours of praying, a contractor agreed to pour the concrete, and the team was able to proceed with scheduled work. 

“With every obstacle we ran into, I was constantly reminded that the power of prayer really solves lots of problems that are totally out of our control,” he said.

Patsy enjoys every opportunity to serve with other women on the crew. Her most memorable experience comes from Coastal Oaks Baptist Church in Rockport, where the infamous Hurricane Harvey brought devastation to the church’s gymnasium. While the men tackled construction projects, the ladies partnered with the church’s women’s ministry to create Christmas cards for nursing homes and help with the local food bank.

“The church ladies just really embraced us,” Patsy said. “When you ask God to open your eyes and heart to what he needs you to do, it takes on a different vibe.”

When they aren’t volunteering with TBM, the couple enjoys traveling in their RV, spending time with their three granddaughters and attending First Baptist Church in Forney.

It’s difficult to put into words why they choose to spend their retirements volunteering, Randy and Patsy said, but they encourage any couple or individual looking for a purposeful retirement to give it a try.

“When you’re in the right place serving the Lord, there’s a peace about it that comes over you, and you know that’s the right place,” Randy explained. “It’s hard to describe until you’ve actually volunteered. I tell people to try it, and they’ll have peace and comfort like they haven’t felt in a long time.”


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