Together, Texans on Mission goes where God calls. 

God calls His people to serve locally, across the nation and to the ends of the earth. Featured below are stories of how Texans on Mission volunteers answered God's call to deliver help, hope and healing to thousands of people all over the globe.  


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Chainsaw Retreat prepares volunteers for deployment

Texans on Mission Disaster Relief chainsaw team volunteers gathered last week at Camp Buckner for the annual TXM Chainsaw Retreat. They gathered for instruction and practice in dealing with the varied challenges of a disaster response. 

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Baptist Standard: Illusionists partner with Texans on Mission

The Baptist Standard has done a great story on Christian illusionists David and Kylie Knight, including their partnership with Texans on Mission.

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Panhandle fires: 136 relief projects completed

One million acres burned. Two people killed. Entire farms and ranches lost. Thousands of livestock dead. The scope of devastation associated with a late-February complex of fires in the Texas Panhandle boggled the mind. It took more than three weeks for Texas’ largest wildfire in history to be contained.

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Amarillo volunteers return to Fritch to build playground

Texans on Mission (TBM) volunteers from Paramount Baptist Church in Amarillo returned to Fritch in recent days to complete a project they learned about during the disaster relief deployment caused by wildfires. They built a playground for First Southern Baptist Church in Fritch for which individual Texans on Mission volunteers had given the needed funds.

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Howington: Disaster relief chaplaincy 'a ministry of presence'

Melanie Howington loves people. When Texans on Mission responds to a disaster, Howington’s love draws her toward the hurting people. Howington, a member of First Baptist Church of Nocona, is volunteer state chaplain coordinator for TXM Disaster Relief. She is one of about 40 active Texans on Mission Disaster Relief chaplains.

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Texans on Mission responds to hunger, education need amid Haiti violence

Serving those in need sometimes requires a change in plans. Texans on Mission’s long-time ministry partner in Haiti shifted gears in recent days to respond to immediate hunger needs. “Hunger has not been our focus” in Haiti, said Ernie Rice of Stockdale, Texas. “But right now it is just a desperate situation. … Haiti is full of hungry people.”

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Temple training prepares chaplains for disasters

Texans on Mission Disaster Relief recently held a 16-hour training course for volunteer chaplains. Memorial Baptist Church in Temple hosted the course, and 20 disaster relief volunteers received the training.

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Church Builders' work worth $50,000 per week

Think about it: $50,000 in free labor per week. That's what Texans on Mission Church Builders are providing for construction of a mentoring center for fatherless children in Corpus Christi. They are now about 11 days into the project.

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Hay, hugs go a long way in conveying love

Roper Cox, a Panhandle rancher, had this to say about Texans on Mission: “Y’all came rolling up with hay and hugs and became family.”

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Texans on Mission provides oasis of hope in midst of desolation

Joe McMahan may live just outside Fritch, but right now it feels like a different planet. Scorched black earth surrounds him. He’s a rough, determined rancher, but the scene is difficult for him to take in. “Everything is a total loss,” he said.

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Laundry/shower volunteers bring the clean to dirty work

While the day was wrapping up Monday evening for many Texans on Mission Disaster Relief volunteers, the shower/laundry teams were getting things ready for another day of work

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Here's one day from Revive San Marcos

Revive San Marcos is a spring break missions, discipleship, ministry and service experience.

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