Together, Texans on Mission goes where God calls. 

God calls His people to serve locally, across the nation and to the ends of the earth. Featured below are stories of how Texans on Mission volunteers answered God's call to deliver help, hope and healing to thousands of people all over the globe.  


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Volunteers show how to make spring break life changing

Twenty teenage Texans on Mission volunteers and leaders are spending their spring break as part of Revive San Marcos – 17 from First Baptist Church in Gilmer. Add in disaster relief volunteers who are providing food for the teens and others in the community, and 36 total are involved.

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Builders, Challengers work for ministry to fatherless children

Texans on Mission Church Builders along with Challengers and others from First Baptist Church in Hempstead began Monday demolishing the interior of an former monastery in Corpus Christi. The building, now owned by Majesty Outdoors, is being converted into a mentoring center for children without fathers.

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Hay is rolling into the Panhandle

A Texans on Mission tractor-trailer delivers much-needed hay relief for Panhandle ranchers to the parking lot of First Southern Baptist Church of Fritch March 8. The load shown being unloaded is just one of the loads being brought in.

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Cookies make life a little sweeter in hurting land

Texans on Mission volunteers brought diesel, hay, cattle panels, food and lots of ash-out labor to Fritch this week. Today, they are bringing something small but heart felt – cookies.

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Volunteers provide security behind the scenes

During many Texans on Mission deployments, members of a little-known — because they usually operate at night — team ensures equipment and volunteers stay guarded while the larger team sleeps. Employing both personal patrols and electronic surveillance, the Asset Protection team is keeping watch over volunteers and assets in Fritch during the Panhandle fires response.

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CBS 11: North Texans helping homeowners impacted by Panhandle wildfires

Volunteers from North Texas are continuing to help clean up the ash and debris the Panhandle wildfires have left behind. At least two people have died and as many as 500 structures have been destroyed. Texans on Mission, commonly known as the Texas Baptist Men, respond to disasters around the world.

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Volunteers come alongside Panhandle family

Texans on Mission volunteers brought comfort, hugs, shovels, a skid steer and Scripture to the Probst family Wednesday in Fritch in the Texas Panhandle. That response came after harrowing days of destruction.

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Black Texas Baptist churches aid Arkansas church

In April 2023, a tornado tore apart the building of New Commandment Church of God In Christ in Jacksonville, Ark. About the only thing left standing were the crosses above the baptismal pool. Today, with help from African American Texas Baptist churches, a new building is quickly taking shape.

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Wildfires lead to hard times, great loss

As you can imagine, it's been a busy day for Texans on Mission volunteers in the Panhandle. There have been some tough emotional times, as our team prayed with residents in Fritch after news came in that their local fire chief had died while going back into a burning house to look for people. Things are hard more generally, as well, especially among cattle ranches.

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Getting the beef from a freezer to tables

People do what they can when disaster strikes. Lori and Sam Webb of Quinlan donated a whole Angus steer, 600 pounds, to help in the Panhandle. That brings some needed nourishment to many dinner tables.

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Texans on Mission volunteers in Panhandle

Texans on Mission volunteers are doing preliminary work in and around Fritch in the Panhandle. Our box unit is distributing boxes so people can pack up what is left of their belongings as many will need to move.

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Volunteers serving in Panhandle; more on the way

TBM: Texans on Mission volunteers pray before our mobile Command Center pulls out of the Dallas warehouse for service in the Panhandle. ... read more
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